Sanjay's Foods Ltd

We were asked to design packaging for Sanjay's first retail product, delivering a brand message of purity and authenticity to consumers.

packaging / brand

Sanjays Foods Mini-Veggie Samosas


  • Design retail packaging that emphasizes quality and dedication to pure ingredients.
  • Introduce brand to consumers and establish retail identity.


  • Packaging design
  • Photography & art direction
  • Logo refresh &amp modernization


  • Successful retail product launch
  • Established design language for future packaging

All-natural by design

Sanjay's Foods creates amazingly tasty samosas at their quaint factory in Richmond BC. Product sales from their factory location were reliably steady, but Slant was asked to help bring their first retail product to market and provide the packaging design.

The competitive advantage of Sanjay's is their dedication to quality. That's a common saying among food companies, but in Sanjay's case they really back it up with facts: they spent two years perfecting their dough recipe, ensuring a product that is crispy whether heated in an oven or microwave. All filling ingredients are locally sourced and freshly prepared in the factory.

Sanjays Foods Mini-Veggie Samosas

With this dedication to pure ingredients, we focused on a visual heavy design that put the product first and foremost. Together with photographer extraordinaire Tina Kulic, we prepped, sliced, diced, and arranged samosas, spices, and vegetables during a snack-filled photoshoot. Sanjay loved the test shots and we set to work adding the required design elements, carefully avoiding cluttering the clean look of the box design.

After a few revisions and colour treatments, we went into final production and print preparation for the package. The end result is clean and modern, while the revised logo is bold and sets a strong precedent for future Sanjay's product line expansion. We continue to check in with Sanjay's about future opportunities and look forward to helping the brand evolve and grow further.

Sanjays Foods Mini-Veggie Samosas

I would say that Slant nailed the concept we were looking for, it was awesome working with you guys and we will definitely bring any future projects to you!

Sanjay Sundar
Sanjay's Foods Ltd

Sanjays Foods Mini-Veggie Samosas
Sanjays Foods Mini-Veggie Samosas
Sanjays Foods Mini-Veggie Samosas