Rocket Foods

Unifying and enhancing a deliberately niche food product, we helped Rocket expand their core objective through design and strategy.

brand / packaging / print / sales strategy

Rocket Foods


  • Modernize & enrich existing retail packaging
  • Align brand & design presence across all communication channels


  • Brand cleanup, new usage guidelines & templates
  • Stand-up bag packaging, to-go tubs, display cartons for retail sales
  • Sellsheets & presentations for trade shows


  • Revitalized brand and unified design across all channels
  • New distributor listings and increased retail sales
  • Cohesive retail line-up and focused strategy

Helping consumers with allergies enjoy delicious, worry-free food

Rocket Foods has a focus on providing delicious food for those with food sensitivities and allergies. Crafted from founder Jas Bains' personal struggles with severe allergies, Rocket is a forward-thinking company that puts in every effort to provide truly 'safe' food regardless of any possible side-effect. Rocket Foods products are certified pure, meaning they're free of the top 10 common allergies. The challenge with this? Communicating to consumers that it's a bullet-proof safe choice.

When Slant was approached to provide new packaging and presentations to drive home this message, we were eager to take on the task. Through discussions with Rocket Foods, their brokers, and associated salespeople, we learned the perception of Rocket to consumers: those who are seeking safe, uncomplicated food choices quickly trust the brands that can reliably provide this.

Rocket Foods

We began to refine the packaging concepts to focus on communicating the myriad of claims and messaging to reassure potential customers. We eventually distilled the most important claims, and integrated the messaging into the lush imagery. The end result is packaging that's bright and eye-catching on the shelf. Pureness and rich imagery is at the forefront, while the cartoon look and feel reinforces the Rocket Foods brand.

Slant also provided sales strategy and consulting throughout this process, helping refine their product source pipeline and pricing issues.

With the stand-up bags and tubs finished, we began to attack other brand touchpoints: shipper cartons, sellsheets, and broker presentations. A variety of one-off concepts have also been executed by Slant. We remain Rocket Foods' design team for future work.

Rocket Foods

Slant was critical in helping Rocket take its branding to the next level. The new packaging has been well received by industry and we expect greater acceptance as we move forward.

We are very impressed with the design team at Slant, they delivered a great product within our budget and on schedule.

Jas Bains
Founder &amp President
Rocket Foods

Rocket Foods