Nextlevel Financial, Inc.

NextLevel accomplishes what both a typical bank and financial planning company are capable of. Our mission was translating this into a brand that communicates this message, while evoking trust, security, and sincerity.

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NextLevel Logo & Folder


  • Brand a well-known, trusted company with a new, unknown, and untested name.
  • Evoke feelings of strength and trust with both existing and potential clients.


  • New logo and branding guidelines.
  • Business cards, brochures, and folders.
  • Marketing and brand strategy and best practices.


  • Complete brand alignment across online, print, and in-office channels.
  • Continued growth and expansion in the Fraser Valley.

An evolution through branding

NextLevel was formerly known as Money Concepts for 18 years. With an energetic, forward-thinking new company name already agreed upon, the opportunity to reintroduce both existing and potential clients to the company prompted the need for a full branding campaign.

Through interviews and talks with the NextLevel partners, the main challenge became communication. NextLevel is both a full service bank and independant financial planning institute, a unique combination that prospective clients may not initially understand.

After rounds of iteration and feedback, the final logo and brand direction is modern, mature, and clean. Nextlevel has successfully implemented the new branding throughout their entire client experience.

NextLevel Folder & Print Media
NextLevel Business Cards

Slant helped us rebrand our company with a fresh new logo and identity. The process was smooth and they were very receptive to our rebranding objectives. Not only did they listen to us, but they told us the truth and refocused our direction when it was necessary.

I don’t believe we would have achieved the same quality and results from another firm.

Kirk Dzaman
Managing Partner
NextLevel Financial Ltd.

NextLevel Folder & Print Media
NextLevel Folder
NextLevel Folder