Moon Cheese

Tasked with commercializing a novel food product, we took it all on. From branding to packaging, procurement to retail sales, and everything in-between, we elevated Moon Cheese into a rapidly growing consumer snack food.

brand / packaging / marketing / web / to-market strategy / sales / distribution

Moon Cheese Product


  • Name, brand, market, and sell an entirely new food product
  • Get the product listed in grocery stores across the USA & Canada


  • Complete brand and identity
  • US & Canadian consumer packaging
  • Product procurement & consumer testing
  • Sales and to-market strategy
  • Managing broker and distribution network


  • Fanatical customer and distributor response
  • Continuous growth in both retail and online sales
  • Distribution networks across the USA & Canada experiencing sustained expansion

Spearheading a brand new snack category

We were approached by the EnWave Corporation with a novel food product ("it's just cheese!") that utilizes their patented technology. Our task was to figure out if and how it could be commercialized. We took control of the entire project and were ultimately responsible for every aspect of getting the product to market.

We researched the viability of the product and where it should be sold within stores. We conceptualized and developed the name, branding strategy and design for the product. Pricing and profit strategies, packaging type and size, flavours, suppliers: we established all of it.

After proving that Moon Cheese was an ultra memorable brand name, we registered trademarks and set up SKU's. Slant then interviewed and appointed sales brokers and set up product listings in targeted accounts in the Pacific Northwest. Lastly, we've developed marketing plans to build awareness across North America.

But we weren't finished. We crafted and maintain the web site, social media presence and online shop for Moon Cheese.

Moon Cheese is now rolling out to stores in the US Pacific Northwest and beyond, with the intent to expand nationwide as the manufacturing capacity expands during 2014. Slant has been asked to continue directing this project and leading their expansion.

Moon Cheese
Moon Cheese

Slant was integral to the successful development of an appropriate in depth branding strategy for our dried cheese snack product.

We came to them with the goal of exemplifying the fact that our product is just cheese, that's it. Slant utilized our product's unique characteristics to develop effective messaging, packaging and an online marketing strategy to ensure that consumers recognized our product as being all-natural, 100% cheese via a memorable concept.

Brent Charleton
VP Corporate Affairs
EnWave Corporation

Moon Cheese
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Moon Cheese
Moon Cheese
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