Frozen Xplosion

While undergoing a re-formulation of healthier ingredients, it was the right time to bring Frozen Xplosions’s branding and packaging up to date as well.

brand / packaging

Frozen Xplosion


  • Revitalize Frozen Xplosion's brand
  • Deliver appealing, image-rich packaging


  • Brand dissection and update
  • US consumer packaging
  • Presentation materials
  • Retail display shipper


  • Enthusiastic reception from buyers for new retail packaging
  • Brand direction for future design work

Frozen Xplosion desired a complete clean-up of their product: a better, healthier and natural smoothie mix formula, and cleaner packaging and branding to compliment the product. They had already been busy at work for months crafting a new formula, sourcing fair-trade ingredients and all-natural proteins. We were happy to jump into the task of providing cleaner complementary retail packaging.

The challenge of Frozen Xplosion was to communicate the product. What exactly is this powder and how can it be used? The updated, new product itself is so versatile and healthy you can use it to boost any drink you desire. With a focus on a clean and pure product, our role was to help this product make a visual splash as well.

We began tackling the identity, diverting from the original look: beige-pink and purple, unimpressive muted colours. We went in a bright, vibrant new direction. Front and centre would be our redesigned, cleaned up Frozen Xplosion word mark.

Frozen Xplosion Clean up and refinement of the FX wordmark

For the packaging, we brightened up the core colour scheme of pink, blue and purple, bringing in delicious imagery and a slightly geometric background motif to ensure the product truly pops on the shelf. The end result is a package that's been well received by retailers and helped Frozen Xplosion effectively modernize their brand.

Frozen Xplosion
Frozen Xplosion
Frozen Xplosion